Corrupt Windows user profiles


This has been the method we have used since Vista had profile corruptions.


Usually in a situation like this you have to create a new profile by logging in to another account if one exists and create another Administrator account. If the one that was corrupted was admin, then you can use the username and password from there to achieve this.

If there is no account then refer to this document to create one ( To be continued)

Once created then you have to go to the corrupted account data ( i.e c:\users\corrupted profile\ and copy everything (Ctrl C) then go to the new location in c:\users\new account and paste it (Ctrl V)


In this case though, we didn’t have to do any of the above. Windows 10

We downloaded repair windows  and on the bottom right you get the option to restart in safe mode. This is probably for the best

From there run Chkdsk and sfc/scannow within the tweaking application then run the repair utility. 43 different repairs get done. After we did that this time around we could log into the formerly corrupted profile.

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